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The food, religious ceremonies and art are part of the daily life of Puebla and therefore its festivals and traditions. Although the city of Puebla has a good number of holidays should not lose the opportunity to meet other festivities in neighboring villages.

To boot, the feast of Our Lady of Defense or the Immaculate Conception means that the city will become a popular religious gathering that extends from the cradle to the Altar of the Kings, inside the Cathedral.

Each March 21st in Cantona Equinox is celebrated with cultural activities in dance, music, alternative therapies and a sample cuisine. And 15th to March 24th Festival takes place the Holy Burial and Flower Fair in Huauchinango, we recommend visiting Tenango de las Flores, where there are several regional nurseries.

In June, the cooks prepare the state to claim the best mass participating in the Mole Poblano Festival, which invades the streets of Analco with powerful aromas.

During September, the "Huey Atlixcáyotl" festival, is organized in Atlixco, which according to the pre-Hispanic tradition is held in honor of Quetzalcoatl. It was established in 1965 and was named Cultural Patrimony of the state of Puebla in 1996. At this meeting of people celebrating the mitoti cuicalli (song and dance), chaired by divinity Xochipilli-Macuilxóchitl, Lord of Spring, for the holidays and Joy.

Other festivities include the Huejotzingo Carnival, held before Lent begins in the town of the same name. On October 4th is the patron saint day of San Francisco, is celebrated in Cuetzalan Coffee Fair, which presents pre-Hispanic dances.

Every year around November 2nd, Puebla people have their own mexican way to remember the relatives and friends who already passed away. This celebration goes back to the time when the prehispanic mexicans honor their relatives by cooking traditional dishes to them as well setting an altar to present offerings to the Dead.

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